Location(where the arrest occurred): 1) Street address (latitude and longitude) 2) City, State 3) Zip code Run information: 1) Date and time of an OHCA arrest First responding agency: 1) Destination hospital 2) Estimated time of arrest 3) Time of 1st defibrillatory shock 4) Time of 1st CPR Hospital outcome: 1) Died in the hospital 2) Discharged alive 4) Transferred to another acute care hospital Response and treatment times: 1) No first responder dispatched 2) Time call received at dispatch center 3) Time first responder dispatched 4) Time of first Responder en route 5) Time first responder arrived at scene 6) Time ambulance dispatched 7) Time for ambulance en route 8) Time ambulance arrived at scene 9) Time EMS arrived at patient side 10) Time Ambulance left scene 11) Time ambulance arrived at ED Additional info: 1) # hospitals 2) # vehicles per hospital 4) Hospital locations (latitude and longitude)

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