CoH Current Employee Roster

Refiling ; even more disappointing, it appears the employee roster dataset has been removed unless search is not working properly.

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS A TPIA REQUEST: You have 10 days to respond. State law does not prescribe or govern a particular way to file TPIA requests; as the City takes requests through this channel, I am hereby providing notice that this should be treated as a public records request.

On requests from some Sketch City members, I am filing this request to ask for an update to the City of Houston Current Employee Roster. The resource appears to have been last updated in June 2016. At that time, the City had intended to schedule the employee roster for automatic refresh after each month with salaries included to reduce the number of press requests. After this dataset is refreshed, could the automation be set up? There is/was a dataset in the data repository to handle this.

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