110 Cypress Station Dr, Houston, TX 77090

OPRA request for records (If any exists from 1900-2018) for the environmental impact information on the following property: 110 Cypress Station Dr, Houston, TX 77090 From the following Departments: 1) Building Department --- Building permits (construction, alteration, renovation, CO, etc.)
2) Fire Department---HAZMAT/UST Records / hazardous materials inventories and underground storage tank. 3) Public Health Dept. and Environmental Department-industrial Waste records like site remediation, permits, violations, complaints, spills, releases, clean-ups, community right to know information, underground storage tanks, radon, pesticides, asbestos, and other hazardous material generation, treatment, storage and/or disposal. 4) Environmental Department 5) Public Works or public Health Department 6) Industrial or solid or liquid or Hazardous Waste records/inventories/chemicals. Please forward this request to the relevant City department(s) to locate the information.

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