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During my career in banking, I helped many individuals and families fulfill their dream of buying a home. Unfortunately, I also saw what happens when people lose everything they’ve worked hard for in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

With hurricane season upon us, I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to reach out to others about ways they can protect the things they treasure from floods and hurricanes. (The more you know, right?) Here are a few great ones I’ve come across:

Preparing for a Flood: A Guide for Homeowners

Nine Steps to Flood Recovery

How to Reduce the Damage to a Flooded Car

Find the Best Flood Insurance

Flood Risk Map

Location, Location, Location: How Mortgages Are Affected in Disaster-Prone Areas

Pet Safety During and After a Disaster

I was hoping you could help me by adding some of these well-informed articles to your site somewhere so your readers can look over them. Do you have a good spot for them?

And I’d love to help you by providing a brand new article researched and written by yours truly that could also be shared on your site. Just send a request my way, and I’ll get started.

Many thanks, Jim

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