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  • City of Houston Electricity Bills

    This dataset contains electricity chargebacks to all departments, by cost center, to all City Departments that pay for electricity through Revolving Fund 1002 (Central Service...
  • City of Houston Campaign Finance Reporting

    Three campaign finance datasets are contained in this open data set. Candidates, officeholders, and special purpose committees for the City of Houston are required to self...
  • City of Houston Harvey Damage Assessment Open Data

    This data is a collection of damage assessment surveys by Department of Neighborhood (DON), Department of Public Works and Engineering Floodplain Management Office (FMO), and...
  • Harvey Debris Open Data

    Harvey Debris Open Data Set
  • City of Houston Fiscal Year Adopted Operating Budgets

    This dataset includes various resources related to the City of Houston's approved budgets for multiple fiscal years. Please read the resource information for additional...
  • Registered City of Houston Lobbyists

    Individuals or companies that choose to lobby the City of Houston City Council or Administration must be registered with the City Secretary. While this list is updated...
  • Houston City Council Chamber Calendar

    Data feeds to the City Council Chamber Calendars, including the City Hall Chamber and the City Hall Annex Chamber. These calendars are maintained by the City Secretary's Office.
  • City of Houston Parks

    pr_gdb.PR.Park_Boundaries_All Tags Parks, Parks & Recreation Summary City of Houston Park Boundaries Description City of Houston Park Boundaries maintained by...
  • City of Houston Fee Schedule

    This is the master list of the fees charged by the City of Houston for various services, licenses, permits, and other misc. items. Please be sure to visit the fee schedule app...
  • Houston Public Library branches

    cohgis.COHGIS.LIBRARY Summary Created to geographically illustrate locations of Houston Public Librarys throughout Houtson. Description Created to geographically...
  • City Address Point Information

    NOTE: This dataset includes address point information along with descriptors associated with the address point (such as superneighborhood, management district, CensusTract,...
  • School Districts

    cohgis.COHGIS.SCHOOL_DISTRICT Tags There are no tags for this item. Summary Polygon location of all school districts in the Greater Houston Region Description...
  • Fire Atoms Current

    This Fire Atom shapefile is composed of more than 4000 fire atom polygons. Each fire atom polygon is the grouping of nodes with the same running schedule from Due01 to Due05....
  • Fire Atoms Admin Districts

    HFD Administrative Districts; previously known as "cohgis.fire districts"; Last updated Sept 8th, 2010
  • Fire Atom Response Areas

    This Fire Atom shapefile is composed of more than 4000 fire atom polygons. Each fire atom polygon is the grouping of nodes with the same running schedule from Due01 to Due05....
  • County Parks

    Harris County Parks - polygons of Harris County Managed Parks with amenities updated as of Jan 2011. Data maintained by HCPID A&E Parks Planning group c/o John deBessonet
  • Workforce Solutions Career Offices

    Geolayer of Workforce Solution Career Offices in the area (cohgis.COHGIS.WORK_SOURCE_LOCATIONS)
  • After School Programs

    Geolayer of after school programs in the area (cohgis.VENDOR.HCDE_afterschool_programs)
  • City of Houston Community Centers

    cohgis.PR.Community_Centers_2012 Tags Parks, Community Centers Summary There is no summary for this item. Description City of Houston Community Centers maintained by...
  • Museums

    cohgis.VENDOR.HGAC_Museums Tags museum, tourism, center, art, science Summary Museum locations. Description Museums within the H-GAC region.
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