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  • HPD Divisions

    Administrative Divisions for HPD. Each Division has one or more Districts and each District has Beats. cohgis.COHGIS.HPD_Division1 Summary HPD Division Jurisdiction....
  • HPD Districts

    Administrative Districts for HPD. Each District belongs to a Division and each district has one or more beats. cohgis.COHGIS.HPD_Districts1 Description Houston Police...
  • HPD Beats

    HPD Beats. Each Beat belongs to a District and each District belongs to a Division. See http://data.ohouston.org/dataset/hpd-divisions and...
  • Parking & Yard Boundaries

  • Bodies of Water in Harris County

    cohgis.COUNTY.HCFCD_WATERBODIES Tags Bodies of water Summary There is no summary for this item. Description Bodies of Water in Harris County provided by Harris...
  • Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project (TSARP) Stream CAP

    Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project (TSARP) Stream CAP cohgis.COUNTY.HCFCD_TSARP_STREAM_CAP Summary The Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project by Harris County Flood...
  • Harris County Watersheds

    cohgis.COUNTY.HCFCD_TSARP_WATERSHEDS Tags Contours Summary Use in mapping and other GIS applications; Description This data provided by HCFCD (Harris County Flood...
  • Other County Flood Zones

    Flood Zones for outside of Harris County
  • Parcel Lots in City of Houston Limits and ETJ

    Parcel Lots in City of Houston Limits and ETJ
  • All Other Cities In Harris County

    City Limits of all other Cities in Harris County (but for City of Houston). To delineate neighboring incorporated territories in mapping applications Description Other...
  • Lambert Grid and Tiles

    The Lambert Grid is a mapping system set up by the Houston Lighting and Power Company. Maps created with this coordinate system as a base are popularly referred to as lamberts...
  • Harris County Flood Zones

    Harris County Flood Zones from the Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Project.
  • City of Houston Administered Health Facilities

    This layer contains the locations of health centers, multi-service centers and WIC centers administered by the City of Houston under the status of "active".
  • HPD Police Stations

    HPD Police Stations
  • HPD Police Store Fronts

    HPD Police Store Fronts
  • HFD Fire Stations

    This layer contains the locations of the fire stations, contract fire stations, support facilities, acquired fire stations sites, and planned fire station sites of the Houston...
  • Major Thoroughfare Plan

    2012 Major Thoroughfare Plan from the Planning & Development (Transportation Group)
  • Bicycle Routes

    Houston Bikeway Network Map: The Houston Bikeway Network is a planned network of 345 miles of on-street and off-street bikeways across the city. As of January 2004, over 280...
  • City of Houston 2010 Census Tracts with Demographics

    Census2010_Tracts_CoH Tags 2010 Census, Census Tracts, Race, Ethnicity, Population Summary City of Houston Census Tract level housing, race and ethnicity data from the...
  • City Addresses

    NOTE: This dataset includes only address point information. If you would like other descriptors associated with the address point (such as superneighborhood, management...
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