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PDF Sam is the most well-liked tool that can be utilized to merge and combine PDF files. Originally began on the Source Forge platform, it is developed in Java and comes in two editions: a free one, and for many who donate any amount, an enhanced edition. It provides the fundamental PDF split and PDF merge operation, and within the enhanced version, file encryption.

Evano Split and Merge PDF is kind of a young entry in this market. evano developed this software in Visual Basic, and targeted on the graphical consumer interface. Their aim was to make it as person-friendly as posible. Following PDF Sam steps, Evano's device was first out there as a free version. Users could cut up and merge PDF recordsdata with just a few mouse clicks. At some point in addition they provided a Professional version. Users could merge greater than 5 information directly and split massive paperwork into PDF files with the PRO version.

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