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  • City of Houston Electricity Bills

    This dataset contains electricity chargebacks to all departments, by cost center, to all City Departments that pay for electricity through Revolving Fund 1002 (Central Service...
  • Registered City of Houston Lobbyists

    Individuals or companies that choose to lobby the City of Houston City Council or Administration must be registered with the City Secretary. While this list is updated...
  • Houston City Council Chamber Calendar

    Data feeds to the City Council Chamber Calendars, including the City Hall Chamber and the City Hall Annex Chamber. These calendars are maintained by the City Secretary's Office.
  • City of Houston Fee Schedule

    This is the master list of the fees charged by the City of Houston for various services, licenses, permits, and other misc. items. Please be sure to visit the fee schedule app...
  • Cell Phone Towers

    Cell Phone Towers in the Houston area, updated in 2012 by Planning and Development