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  • School Districts

    cohgis-mycity.opendata.arcgis.com is the original site hosts this data set Tags There are no tags for this item. Summary Polygon location of all school districts in the...
  • City of Houston Parks

    pr_gdb.PR.Park_Boundaries_All Tags Parks, Parks & Recreation Summary City of Houston Park Boundaries Description City of Houston Park Boundaries maintained by...
  • County Parks

    Harris County Parks - polygons of Harris County Managed Parks with amenities updated as of Jan 2011. Data maintained by HCPID A&E Parks Planning group c/o John deBessonet
  • City of Houston Park Sectors

    pr_gdb.PR.Park_Sectors Tags Park Sectors, Open Space Ordinance, Open Space Zones, ILMS, eDRC Summary Find addresses in these zones, that must comply with the City of...
  • Parks (H-GAC)

    cohgis.VENDOR.HGAC_Park_Areas Tags Parks, H-GAC 13-County Summary Based on the H-GAC Land Use database, this dataset shows the parcel-based areas of parks for the H-GAC...
  • Zip Codes in the Region

    This dataset provides the zip codes in the region. One resource provides a shapefile of the zip codes polygons from the USPS while another resource provides a shapefile of the...
  • METRO Region

    Defines the boundary of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas "Service Area"
  • Parking & Yard Boundaries

  • Bodies of Water in Harris County

    cohgis.COUNTY.HCFCD_WATERBODIES Tags Bodies of water Summary There is no summary for this item. Description Bodies of Water in Harris County provided by Harris...
  • Parcel Lots in City of Houston Limits and ETJ

    Parcel Lots in City of Houston Limits and ETJ
  • City of Houston Historical Districts

    pd_gdb.DDUCROZ.HISTORIC_DISTRICTS_CITY Boundaries of City of Houston Historic Districts. This layer contains the boundaries of historic districts that were designated by...
  • Fort Bend County Voter Precincts

    This feature class provides the most recent Fort Bend County voting precinct boundaries. The County Court of Commissioners has the ability to change the voting precincts each...