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  • Houston Public Library branches

    cohgis.COHGIS.LIBRARY Summary Created to geographically illustrate locations of Houston Public Librarys throughout Houtson. Description Created to geographically...
  • Workforce Solutions Career Offices

    Geolayer of Workforce Solution Career Offices in the area (cohgis.COHGIS.WORK_SOURCE_LOCATIONS)
  • After School Programs

    Geolayer of after school programs in the area (cohgis.VENDOR.HCDE_afterschool_programs)
  • City of Houston Community Centers

    cohgis.PR.Community_Centers_2012 Tags Parks, Community Centers Summary There is no summary for this item. Description City of Houston Community Centers maintained by...
  • Civic Clubs

    pd_gdb.LHENSON.Civic_Clubs List of neighborhoods as identified by the community. Initially used to try and identify Deed Restrictions. This is an on-going project. Used to...